Mazak VCN Spindle Repair & Rebuild

Mazak VCN spindle repair and rebuildHST are experts in Mazak VCN Spindle Repair and Rebuild to like new condition and we warranty our repairs for one year. Mazak VCN series machines can be configured with a 12,000 or a 15,000 RPM spindle. To handle these speeds Mazak uses oil mist lubrication instead of grease such as the slower VTC series.

Mazak VCN spindle repair and rebuild_broken drawbar springs

Replacing all drawbar springs is part of our base price

When we repair an oil mist system all lubrication lines are replaced and the jets are carefully cleaned and inspected.

Drawbar springs have a limited operational life. Replacing all Belleville springs is part of our base repair service.

Mazak VCN spindle repair and rebuild_arrayed detents locking spindle in a wide variety of positions

These arrayed detents allow the Integrex Spindle to be locked in a wide variety of positions

VCN series spindles use rather long center spacers. This makes the bearing stack on the VCNs very tall.

This tall bearing stack helps the rigidity of the spindle.
It’s a very robust design.  To maintain proper preload it is critical that the inner and outer center spacers are ground to the same lengths. This requires finishing the long center spacers to micron tolerances.

At HST we precision grind bearing spacers and hand lap them to micron tolerances every day. This is just another reason to trust HST with your Mazak spindle repair.

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  • OEM Warranty
  • Top name brand bearings
  • Fast Turnaround
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  • Not OEM pricing

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