Spindle Repair Serving Industries Worldwide

What Industries Does HST Service?

We are experts in Spindle Repair Serving Industries Worldwide. We are proud of the fact that we are a qualified vendor for many large multi-national companies. But we remain loyal to all of our smaller customers who helped us grow over the past decades. We sincerely feel that without their loyalty to us we never would have gotten to be one of the oldest independent spindle repair shops. These are the shops that took a chance with us when we were first starting out. Although they are often referred to as the “Little Guys” or “Ma-Pa” they stand tall and are heroes to us.

If your company is a large multi-national you’ll like our professional capabilities and our documentation.

If you are a small independent shop you’ll like our personal involvement with your repair and you won’t get bogged down with bureaucracy. In fact, a live person will answer the phone.*

HST services the full spectrum of manufacturing industries. Our industrial technicians specialize in repairing metal, wood and stone cutting and grinding spindles. These spindles use Super Precision rolling element bearings. Our air bearing technicians work on ultra precision spindles used for dicing semiconductor wafers. These technicians also repair high speed drilling and routing spindles for the Printed Circuit board industry.

HST specializes in precision high speed spindles used in a broad spectrum of industrial applications. We endeavor to be sensitive to unique requirements of our customers. Some of industries that we service and some of their unique requirements are described below.


Aerospace spindle repair is one of the most critical areas involving machine tool repair. HST provides spindle repair services for several major aerospace firms. We treat each aerospace spindle repair as critically as the industry treats each safety critical component they manufacture.
Spindle Repair Serving Industries Worldwide. Aerospace.


Perhaps nowhere does industry run closer to “JIT” manufacturing than Detroit. A production line can’t stay down with a broken spindle. To provide super fast response for our automotive customers HST has arrangements with several expediters for pick-up and same day delivery that gets the spindle repaired STAT. Our QTA program puts the spindle to the front of the line. Why use someone’s local “B” team when our “A” team is only hours away.

Our automotive customers demand the most from a spindle repair. In this extremely competitive industry production is everything. A machine tool spindle repair must last for years to satisfy the MTBF requirements. That’s reliability; HST reliability. We provide spindle repair services for some of the largest car manufacturers in the world as well as many secondary component providers.


Spindle Repair Serving Industries Worldwide. Automotive 1

Spindle Repair Serving Industries Worldwide. Automotive 2.


Bearing Manufacturers

A precision spindle repair is a must to manufacture precision bearings. The grinding spindles that help manufacture bearings live a hard life. A grinding spindle repair must be robust. Besides providing a top of the line grinding spindle repair service we help our customers upgrade their spindles for better performance. The venerable workhorse of bearing grinding is the Heald spindle. NSK is another popular spindle for bearing grinding. HST has thousands of repairs under our belt when it comes to grinding spindles.


Spindle Repair Serving Industries Worldwide. Woodworking and Extrusions 1

Spindle Repair Serving Industries Worldwide. Woodworking and Extrusions 2


Woodworking and Extrusions

Woodworking spindles are stout. They operate in an extremely dusty environment. We repair woodworking spindles to like new condition. CNC wood routers often use Boneham & Turner or Axiome spindles and Emmegi spindles are popular for cutting aluminum extrusions. When a Boneham spindle or other spindle repair is complete the spindle is completely tested. We maintain Emmegi test stators to minimize machine disassembly for our customers. That allows us to run-up Emmegi spindles under simulated conditions.


Spindle Repair Serving Industries Worldwide. Semiconductor 1

Spindle Repair Serving Industries Worldwide. Semiconductor 2



The semiconductor industry runs very high speed spindles in demanding applications. For that reason most spindles used in that industry incorporate air bearings. Preparing and cutting wafers requires back grinding (end grinding) spindles and dicing saw spindles that are incredibly precise and smooth operating.

A semiconductor spindle repair requires a comprehensive understanding of the airflow characteristics. Often a semiconductor / air-bearing spindle repair requires repairing jets that have orifices smaller than a human hair. Our database has thousands of Disco, Westwind, Excellon, and Hitachi spindle repairs on record. Each one completed to OEM specification.

After each air bearing spindle repair we test load the axial and radial thrust. Our end grinder spindle repairs and dicing saw repairs all meet the most stringent OEM standards.
Spindle Repair Serving Industries Worldwide. Semiconductor 3

Printed Circuit Board

The printed circuit board industry uses some of the fastest spindles made. We repair spindles used in the PC industry. Some common name brand spindles that we repair include Hitachi, Precise, Trudril, Excellon, Westwind (ABW series)


Spindle Repair Serving Industries Worldwide. Printed Circuit Board 1

Spindle Repair Serving Industries Worldwide. Printed Circuit Board 2



Whether it is an implant or specialty insertion tool, medical devices are manufactured to exacting standards. These standards are met by extremely accurate multi-axis machining centers. Critical to accuracy and finish are smooth running spindles. The medical manufacturing industry favors such machines as Citizen, Bumotec, Matsuura and Star. At HST we repair those spindles to operate as accurately and smoothly as the day they left the factory. So if your Citizen, Bumotec, Matsura or Star spindles need repair, you can rely on HST.

Spindle Repair Serving Industries Worldwide. Medical 1Spindle Repair Serving Industries Worldwide. Medical 2
Spindle Repair Serving Industries Worldwide. Medical 3



Specialized spindles are used for grinding molds for contact lens and micro-drilling implant lens. When the drill position is set with a microscope, we know that each spindle repair for an optical application must have minimal radial run-out. Our pass / fail criteria measures run out in millionths of an inch. Most often optical applications use air-bearing spindles similar to the semi-conductor industry including Westwind, Excellon, Disco and Hitachi. These are chosen for their ultra low vibration. Our repairs keep them operating that way.
Spindle Repair Serving Industries Worldwide. Optical.


Innovative and advanced engineering has brought us new materials. These ceramics are tougher, stronger and have exotic properties. These characteristics require a spindle repair company that can match these requirements. Ceramic dust and other harsh conditions wreak havoc on any spindle repair. We have technicians that specialize in air bearing spindle repair for ceramic and exotic material manufacturers and research centers.

Like the semiconductor industry, air bearing spindles are often used when processing exotic materials including brand names such as Westwind, Excellon, Disco, Federal Mogul, Loadpoint and Hitachi.

CNC Machining

Today, most machine tool applications are run on CNC machines. A poor CNC spindle repair can result in lost production, poor quality parts and a lost customer.

For proper CNC spindle repair, specialized shop equipment is needed. To perform with the accuracy demanded by today’s automated machining centers machine tool spindles must be precision balanced and assembled to the most exacting standards. Besides specialized shop equipment, HST has expert technicians whose primary focus is CNC spindle repair. These technicians have been trained at manufactures facilities and each CNC spindle they repair meets OEM specifications. We repair dozens of brands utilized in these types of machines including Bridgeport, Chiron, Doosan, Mazak, Miyano, Mori Seiki, Niigata, OKK, Okuma, Toyoda, Vigel, Wadell to name just a few. For a more complete listing click “Brands Serviced”.


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