How long does it take to repair a high speed spindle?

HST has the fastest turnaround time in the industry. For spindles not requiring critical surface restoration (GPG) a comprehensive repair is usually 5-10 business days ARO. We well know that a down machine means loss of income and possible loss of a customer. So as soon as we receive your spindle it’s logged in and moves to our break-down area. A highly trained technician starts a thorough examination right away and in 24 -48 hours you’ll receive a comprehensive report providing photos and details of your spindle condition. With this report you will receive a firm quote that outlines exactly what we’ll repair and replace along with the cost.

If you approve the quote all parts are ordered the same day and the repair is underway. If you decline the work for any reason we’ll pack up and return your spindle. There is no charge for the evaluation. Need it faster? Give us a call at 1-603-483-0333.

Got a production critical machine down?

If an emergency repair is required we offer a “Quick Turnaround” (QTA) service that cuts normal delivery time in less than half. For spindles not requiring GPG a comprehensive repair is usually 2-4 business days ARO. You’ll receive a comprehensive report providing photos and details of your spindle condition within 24 hours. Your spindle will move to the front of the line and all parts are expedited. There is an upcharge for QTA service. Note: QTA is not always available.

How long does GPG take?

If the spindle taper or journals are out of tolerance they will require our GPG process to restore them back to serviceable limits. Spindles requiring GPG typically require an additional 5-7 days for normal repair and 3-4 days for QTA repair.

Grinding and plating are time consuming process that simply cannot be rushed.   Total grind time for a GPG may be 8 – 12 hours. We do all of our grinding in house so there’s no lost time in transit. If your spindle is a QTA it is the next job on our grinder.

Because of EPA requirements and other considerations metal deposition is one process that we have to outsource. Plating is also a slow process often taking about 2 days between masking, deposition and cleaning.

Not In a Rush? Save some money.

Choose our flexible turnaround time of 10-15 business days, if you can, and in exchange for your flexibility receive a discount on your quote.