Air Bearing Spindle Repair Services

HST can repair your damaged air bearing spindle and restore it back to micron precision. We repair Disco, Loadpoint, Westwind and K&S dicing and back grinder spindles. HST will repair air bearing spindles to original OEM like new condition for a fraction of the cost of new.

Air bearing spindles come in many shapes and sizes and are called upon to perform any number of super precision cutting and grinding tasks. Dicing spindles may spin at over 60,000 RPMs and positioning tables may turn at only a few RPMS.  But they all have some things in common: their spinning shaft is supported on nothing but air and they are super precise.

HST has been repairing air bearing spindles since 1986. We cut our teeth on air bearing repairs. Our facility is fully equipped with the specialty tools and machines needed to repair these ultra-precise spindles. And over the past 30 years our technicians have developed techniques and procedures that guarantee you will receive a spindle that performs as good as new.

    Some of the air bearing spindles we repair:

    • Accretech
    • ADT
    • Colibri
    • Disco
    • Kulicke & Soffa (K&S)
    • Load Point
    • TSK
    • Westwind
    • Yaskawa

    Some of the things included in our comprehensive repairs include the following:

    • Cleaning or replacing all jets
    • Repairing, or replacing all thrust bearing surfaces
    • Repairing or replacing all radial bearing surfaces
    • Repairing tool interfaces such as tapers and threaded studs.
    • Replacing sensing carbon brushes and brush holders
    • Repairing sensors such as Hall Effect type
    • Precision high speed balancing.

    Comprehensive Repairs:

    These are some typical air bearing spindles used for semi-conductor processing: