Disco NCP00027 Spindle Repair & Rebuild

Disco Air bearing spindle model NCP00027 is used in the DAD-641 Disco Machine or DAD-651 Disco Machine.

Disco NCP00027 Air bearing spindle repair and rebuild_before and after

This Disco NCP00027 spindle arrived to us with the wheel mount threads broken off of the tip of the shaft. This is typically caused when contamination builds up behind the wheel mount and the nut is over-torqued. We manufactured a new shaft tip and supplied a new wheel mount nut. Manufacturing a new threaded shaft tip and fastening it to the shaft is a very tricky process.  If the tip is off just slightly it can cause problems with runout and balance. We have performed hundreds of shaft tip replacements over the years and have saved our customers from the only other alternative, purchasing a new spindle from the OEM.

Disco NCP00027 Air bearing spindle repair and rebuild_broken and repaired tip

Left Photo: Threaded wheel mount tip broken off of spindle shaft.
Right Photo: New threaded shaft tip.

We also noted and made the customer aware that there was a foreign oil-like film observed in the spindle assembly, within the bearings and jets. This is an indication of oil within the air being supplied by the spindle. The air supplied to the spindle needs to be filtered, clean and dry! If the air is contaminated it will result in a premature spindle failure!

Disco NCP00027 Air bearing spindle repair and rebuild_oil in air supply

Strong evidence of oil within the customers Air supply to the spindle. Note the Oil on each part pictured.

Often times the brush contact surface on the NCP00027 spindle is worn upon our receipt. We can repair this with either a Kiss Grind or we’ll install a new one.

Disco NCP00027 Air bearing spindle repair and rebuild_carbon brushes contact

Left Photo: Brush contact surface.
Right Photo: Carbon brushes.

Often times when a Disco NCP00027 fails, the Axial bearings are one of the first things to feel the pain. And with this spindle it was no different. The rotating shaft made contact with this bearing and destroyed it. No matter the damage, we can repair most axial bearings to new condition. This too is a very delicate process. The air groove depth and width must be a very specific dimension if the spindle is to pass all performance tests.

Disco NCP00027 Air bearing spindle repair and rebuild_damaged axial bearing

Damaged axial bearing

Prior to final testing we trim balance the spindle to max operating speed. In this case it is 60,000 RPM. Although this RPM is very high, the spindle ran like new at .007 in/s. You could hardly even tell it was running. All O-rings and carbon brushes were replaced with new and the Hall Effect Sensors were also tested and verified to be in good order.

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