Disco NCPZ-010019-20 Spindle Repair & Rebuild

Air Bearing spindle repair and rebuild_Disco NCPZ010019-20_before and after

We received this Disco NCPZ-010019-20 Backgrinding spindle from a local company that manufactures highly innovative analog semiconductors for countless applications. Prior to sending the spindle in, the customer notified us that the only problem with their Disco Backgrinder was coolant restriction. Because the spindle itself was mechanically sound, we worked at eliminating the restriction without taking the spindle apart. Unfortunately our best efforts were met without success. So the spindle had to come apart. With the spindle apart we were able to observe the severity of the blockage. All coolant porting was closed off with what looked to be rust and other debris.

Air Bearing spindle repair and rebuild_Disco NCPZ010019-20_coolant

Left Photo: This coolant port was virtually rusted closed.
Middle Photo: Restricted Coolant pathway.
Right Photo: Cleared Coolant pathway.

After clearing all of the coolant lines and porting, the air jets within each bearing were also cleared of obstruction. All seals were replaced with new chemical resistant O-rings. After pressure checking the coolant circuit we ran water through the circuit and verified that the flow was within the specified OEM specification. With the coolant restriction eliminated, we test ran and balanced the Backgrinding spindle up to max speed. It passed all testing and the customer was happy to receive the spindle over a week earlier than expected.

Air Bearing spindle repair and rebuild_Disco NCPZ010019-20_shipping

Left Photo: Received on a skid.
Middle & Right Photo: Hand delivered and well packaged in a crate made just for this spindle.

If you have a Disco spindle not running up to par and you believe it needs a repair call High Speed Technologies today 1-603-483-0333 or email us at [email protected]! We would love to answer any of your questions.