Disco NCPZ-0100714-00 Spindle Repair & Rebuild

Disco NCPZ01007400 Air bearing spindle repair and rebuild_before and after

This Disco NCPZ-010074-00 spindle came to us in seemingly good condition. It was clean, there were no coolant leaks and the motor passed scrutiny. The shaft even floated freely with air supplied. However, when just a couple pounds of force was applied to the shaft Radially, it locked up solid. Upon disassembly we found many of the air jets within the Radial bearing to be clogged with contamination. Because each air jet is so tiny, not much bigger than a human hair, it’s very challenging to clear them properly. If the obstruction cannot be cleared, we will replace the clogged jet with a new one. This is a process in of itself. Throughout the spindle we observed an oily contaminant. Typically this points to a problem within the customers air supply to the spindle.

Disco NCPZ01007400 Air bearing spindle repair and rebuild_oil residue_clogged jets

Left Photo: Oil residue.
Right Photo: Clogged jets.

The spindle was dissembled, cleaned, thoroughly inspected and each bearing surface was then reworked as needed. The spindle was then assembled, balanced, tested, analyzed and packaged for safe transport back to the customer as good as new! We advised the customer to make sure their air supply to the spindle is clean and filtered per OEM recommendations.  If you have a down Disco NCPZ-010074-00 spindle call High Speed Technologies today with all your questions 1-603-483-0333 or email us [email protected].