Disco NCP00019-DR Spindle Repair & Rebuild

Air Bearing spindle repair and rebuild_Disco NCP00019 before and after

This Disco NCP00019-DR Back-grinder was sent in to us from a leading Ultrasound Machine manufacturer. It had been repaired by Disco 7 years prior and was in storage ever since. The customer asked us if we would evaluate and test their spindle just to be sure it was still OK. Of course, we were happy to do so. We cleaned the dust off and put it through the ringer. Initial testing revealed some imbalance at max operating speed. We corrected the balance in short order and the spindle was ready for install and production. It was truly as easy as that.

Disco NCP00019 spindle repair and rebuild_shipping crate

Being in storage for more than half of a decade, this spindle collected a little dust and rust.

The crate this Back-grinder was in when it came to High Speed Technologies was not in the best shape and we didn’t feel comfortable returning the spindle in it. HST manufactured a new crate and packaged the spindle for safe transport back to the customers location.

Disco NCP00019 spindle repair and rebuild_shipping

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