Fischer Spindle Repair & Rebuild

Fischer got its start as a family owned business north of the Swiss Alps in the late 1930’s. Fischer spindles are well known for their high speed and accuracy. Over the past 30 years High Speed Technologies had the opportunity to service many different types of Fischer spindles. If you have a Fischer spindle in need of repair, we can repair it to like new condition. 1-603-483-0333.


This Fischer MFM-1224/42/12 spindle was in very poor condition upon our receipt. Having received it from a high end manufacturer of ceramic products, we understood immediately that the spindle would be very worn. The ceramic cutting process is very tough on a spindle. Prior to disassembly we checked the coolant circuit for leaks and restrictions and found a severe restriction. You can see the cause of the restriction below. The coolant pathways had become blocked with debris over time causing the spindle to run hot. The only way to clear such a restriction is to carefully remove the coolant jacket and stator from the housing and clear it by hand.


Although the coolant restriction contributed the spindle failure, it was only part of the problem. The spindle also suffered a restriction within the oil lubrication circuit. The oil inlet itself was plugged with ceramic debris. This prevented oil from entering the spindle and flowing freely. This coupled with the coolant restriction caused the spindles bearings to overheat and fail. We replaced all bearings in kind with super precision ABEC 7 bearings and all seals with chemical resistant seals.


This Fischer spindle arrived to us in very poor condition and left running like new! If your Fischer spindle needs repair, do not hesitate to call or send it in to us for a free evaluation and quote. We’re here to help! 1-603-483-0333.