Mazak SQT Series Spindle Repair & Rebuild

Mazak SQT spindle repair and rebuildAt High Speed Technologies, Inc. we are experts in Mazak SQT Series Spindle Repair and rebuild in which we repair to original factory condition with a 1 year warranty.

This Mazak SQT18M was shipped to us from Columbia, South America with bearing damage. However, that was just the beginning of the spindle’s problems. We couldn’t believe what happened when the spindle got to US Customs.

Mazak SQT spindle repair and rebuild_as recieved

Mazak SQT18M Spindle as received

At US Customs it was determined that the spindle may be a cover for smuggling contraband. To make certain that the spindle was not a device of the cartels two holes were drilled clear through the rotor and shaft.After our repair this Mazak SQT18 lathe spindle looks like new. And when installed it ran like new. But getting the spindle to that point was no mean feat.

Mazak SQT spindle repair and rebuild_ free of contraband

These 2 holes proved the Mazak SQT18M Spindle was free of contraband.

When we looked at the rest of the damage to the spindle, which was extensive, we recommended against repair. However, our customer implored us to repair the spindle and we acquiesced.Besides the obvious damage to the rotor, these holes made it impossible to build hydraulic pressure to release the rotor from the shaft. Even with the holes in the rotor plugged hydraulic fluid still leaked into the rotor laminates. The shaft ID was a little over 2″ and it takes about 10,000 PSI to release the hydraulic rotor. That means that any plugs used to close the shaft ends would have to hold about 30,000 lbs.

The first problem was to get the thing apart. The HST brain trust was up to the challenge. They devised a plan, manufactured some custom parts and removed the rotor.

The rotor was sent to Advanced Rotors in Hanceville, Alabama. Advanced manufactured a new rotor and shipped it to us on time and in budget. They did a great job! Thank you Advanced and special thanks to Cyndi who provided excellent customer service.

While Advanced was manufacturing a new rotor, at HST we were busy getting the rest of the spindle ready for rebuilding. It was in pretty rough shape. We still had to plug two holes that went clear through the shaft. This had to be done without generating distortion or imbalance.

Mazak SQT spindle repair and rebuild_ inside front cover

A look inside the front cover

Mazak SQT spindle repair and rebuild_ contaminated bearing

Contaminated bearing in a Mazak SQT18M Spindle

Prior to assembly all parts are thoroughly cleaned, degreased and prepped for assembly. Spacers are ground and lapped to micron tolerances to provide the perfect preload for maximum bearing life. We replace all seals and O-rings.

Mazak SQT spindle repair and rebuild_front bearing stack removed

The front bearing stack is removed from the Mazak SQT18M Spindle

After assembly the spindle is run-in and balanced on one of our motorized test stands. After the spindle passes our stringent vibration and run-out criteria, it’s off to the paint booth. Only after the spindle run’s like new and looks like new does it go to shipping where it is swaddled in Mil Spec vapor barrier and cushioned in foam to protect from brinnelling. Any parts that cannot be assembled are marked and packed along with the spindle. Comprehensive instructions are included.

Mazak SQT spindle repair and rebuild_run-in and testing

Mazak SQT18M run-in and testing

Mazak SQT spindle repair and rebuild_installed parts carefully marked for shipping

Field installed parts carefully marked

Mazak SQT spindle repair and rebuild_Mil Spec vapor barrier

The SQT18M in Mil Spec vapor barrier

Some time after we sent the spindle back to our customer in Columbia our customer sent us this letter of appreciation:

“Dear Claude,

I hope you are well, the reason for this email is to thank you very much all the work and effort they made to repair the spindle, I installed it and the customer is satisfied, the repair was a hit, attached photos and video of the machine.

Again we look forward to working with you and on behalf of CNC were very grateful to the HST group.

Diego Navas”

There is nothing more satisfying than customer satisfaction.

When it comes to replacing bearings in your Mazak spindle, we only use top name brand ABEC 7 Super Precision spindle bearings purchased from authorized dealers.

So you will only get the best. And because we only purchase from authorized distributors you never have to worry about counterfeit bearings.

At High Speed Technologies, Inc. we have all of the equipment and expertise required to repair you Mazak spindle to like new condition. Not only will your Mazak spindle look like new it will run like new. And we back up our spindle repairs with an OEM equivalent warranty.