Toyoda Spindle Repair & Rebuild

Toyoda machine tools date back to the early 1940’s. Toyoda manufactures a variety of machines and spindles for all sorts of industries and applications. Their machines are built tough with powerful cutting capabilities. Some of their 5 Axis machines are even known for having the highest removal rates in their class. At High Speed Technologies, we work very hard to repair and rebuild your Toyoda spindles. We know that a down spindle means down production. Call us today for your Toyoda spindle repair 1-603-483-0333. Or send it in and we’ll get on it right away!

Toyoda Spindle Repair before_after

Upon arrival of this Toyoda FA450 spindle, our customer mentioned that it had been crashed hard. The damage we observed to the shafts taper and front bearings definitely supported this claim. Because of our In House Grinding capabilities we were able to offer our customer a quick turnaround. Although we were able to repair this taper quickly, we still had to be very methodical about it. This Toyoda spindle has a unique removable tapered insert. It can be separated from the main shaft. Grinding the tapered insert so that it has acceptable runout when bolted back onto the main shaft can be very tricky!

Toyoda spindle repair_drawbar taper_testing

Left Photo: Damaged Taper Pre-GPG.
Right Photo: Restored Taper Insert: 9 Micron @ the end of our certified test bar!

A slight amount of foreign particulate was also observed within the lubrication of each bearing. Much of it was likely self-contamination as each bearing had begun to wear over time. The #1 bearing was lightly brinelled but operational. All other bearings showed indications of typical wear and tear. All bearings, seals and Dueblin coupling rotary union were replaced with new.

Toyoda spindle repair_bearings

We were unsure of how many cycles the drawbar assembly had seen. The assembly looked clean but this isn’t always a good indicator either way. After speaking with the customer we recommended new Belleville disc springs and gripper. The spindle shipped with over 2,300 LBS (10.2kN) of draw force.

Toyoda spindle repair_drawbar

This Toyoda spindle was thoroughly tested before being shipped back to the customer. At High Speed Technologies, we know spindle repair and rebuild. If you have a Toyoda spindle that crashes don’t hesitate to call us today 1-603-483-0333, were here for you!