CMS GR5436 Spindle Repair and Rebuild

CMS Brembana GR5436 spindle repair and rebuild_before and after

CMS GR5436 before and after

The customer explained to us that their CMS GR5436 spindle began to sound “gritty” and felt the bearings were on the verge of failure. They also mentioned that they found a screw head broken off which had “torn up the servo.” They were also having tool holding problems.

When this CMS GR5436 spindle landed on our dock we dug into it immediately and this is what we found: The front bearing set was slightly brinelled; an indication of a spindle crash. This was the cause of the “gritty” sound the customer had noted. Also of significance was the fact that the shaft bearing journals measured well under-sized resulting in a very loose bearing fit. There was strong indication that the loose fit of the bearings onto the shaft had subsequently caused excessive vibration. Therefore we recommended grind-plate-grind of both shaft bearing journals.

CMS Brembana GR5436 spindle repair and rebuild_front and rear bearing journal

Front and rear bearing journals are undersized and will require GPG

The shaft Taper ID also had some minor wear which prevented the tool from seating perfectly within the taper. We restored the taper with a light Kiss grind which fixed this problem. Lastly, we found the “broken screw” the customer had observed. It was a component of the drawbar that had slowly worked its way out and made its way where it ought not. Because this fitting was not readily available, we manufactured a new one in our machine shop. The drawbar springs and proximity sensor was suspect so we recommend they be replaced with new along with all bearings and seals.

CMS Brembana GR5436 spindle repair and rebuild_broken drawbar fittings

Broken drawbar fittings

With our knowledge and expertise this CMS spindle ran like new and has been for over two years now! For expert CMS GR5436 spindle repair, please email or call us at 603-483-0333 for a free, no obligation quote. We offer Factory Equivalent and Quick-Turn-Around. We are fast, experienced and our work is guaranteed!